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Read on to learn what causes extremely dry scalp and how to treat it. Included also are natural remedies that you can use at the comfort of your home to get rid of severe dry scalp. Also included are shampoos for extremely dry scalp.


R&B is made with an extremely rich blend of oils and butters to restore your hair to its natural beauty. We believe good hair starts at your roots, so we’ve added ingredients that work on calming the scalp. Not only does this hydrate your hair, it will also leave it softly perfumed with bay and orange flower absolute. Just scoop up as much as you need onto wet or dry hair to experience the benefits of a rich treatment on your hair.


25 Natural Hair Care Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

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It’s always the same for me this time of the year, I get extremely dry scalp, it’s insane! I guess you can blame the weather, but it’s extremely aggravating. I wanted to try some …


How To Use Coconut Oil For Dandruff Hair?

Dandruff, also known as Pityriasis simplex or scurf, is a common condition of the scalp faced by people of all ages, all around the world. It is basically the excessive shedding of dead skin from your scalp and is caused by an extremely oily, dry, or infected scalp. We are yet to pinpoint the exact cause of dandruff, and there is no permanent cure for the condition. However, there are ways to control and minimize the problem.


!!!!!!!READ FIRST!!!!!! DIY Dry Scalp Mask Just a warning... Blend it don't smash it! The banana was extremely difficult to remove


Extremely Dry Scalp