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Marta Minujin (Argentina, b. 1943), with Andy Warhol (U.S., 1928-1987) Paying off the Argentine Foreign Debt with Corn, “the Latin American Gold”, 1985. Minujín invited Warhol to this New York performance in which she enacted paying off Argentina’s external debt using corn, the traditional Latin American food staple and most widely grown crop in the Americas.

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External debt (total)

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Cartograms: Making a Point with Distorted Maps

Cartographs: thanks goodness we're in the green. As the world continues to try to make sense of the full context and implications of the financial crisis, University of Sheffield postgrad Ben Henning took a look at the real dimension of the world’s external debt. The map reflects the ratio of debt to GDP, based on 2010 estimates by the World Bank and CIA.

Buhari sets to plunge Nigeria into $30bn external debt -

City of Los Angeles

American Apparel was brought down by internal strife and external debt

IDS 2017 presents statistics and analysis on the external debt and financial flows (debt and equity) for the world’s economies for 2015.

No stress no bombs no homeless no crime or prisons no junk food no external debt no pollution no poverty and some people call them Primitive | Anonymous ART of Revolution

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