Are you looking for a fun way to practice exponential growth and decay with your students? Look no further! This activity contains a set of 30 puzzle pieces on exponential growth and decay. Students will cut out the pieces and match a word problem to the type of exponential function (growth or decay) and the answer.

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Okay. This post has been setting in my drafts for a VERY long time! Exponential Functions were Unit 3 in Algebra 2 this year. Last summer, I attended several weeks of workshops and conferences. At

Your hometown has just had a nuclear incident - What will you do??? Thank goodness you know (or will shortly learn) the simple steps for Exponential Growth & Decay - because you wouldn't want to become a zombie! Have fun with this easy lesson as you learn exponential growth and decay and then take it to the school yard where students interview unsuspecting staff and other students to find out if THEY know how to figure out Exponential Growth & Decay!

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