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A Palau-based shark conservation organization founded in 2001 to bring about an end to shark-finning in Palau and whose goal it is to have Palau's exclusive economic zone declared a Shark Sanctuary. Palau Shark Sanctuary is a member of International Year of The Shark 2009. Palau Shark Sanctuary was founded in November 2001 by Dermot Keane a staff member of a locally owned Palau dive center whose next door neighbor is a long line fishing base. The original purpose of the Palau Shark…


Exclusive Economic Zones

The blog of the Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program, with contributions from the Maternal Health Initiative, China Environment Forum, and more


Greenpeace activists hold a banner under an illegally deployed fish aggregating device (FAD) in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Palau. Photographer: Alex Hofford / Greenpeace

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Protecting Pitcairn's marine bounty -

"There are only a handful of Exclusive Economic Zones of the world that remain pristine occupying less than 5% of the ocean," the expedition report adds.