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Examples Of Artifacts

Domain 4 elements and examples of artifacts for evidence binder. Our district uses the Danielson Framework to evaluate teachers for APPR. This is a helpful list of items to include in your evidence binder.


List of artifacts in biblical archaeology

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Nefertari – Ramesses II’s Beloved Queen

Egypt, tomb of queen Nefertari. It is one of the best preserved and most ornate of all known tombs. The walls are painted with the deities (from left to right) Serket, Isis, Khepri, Osiris (above entrance), Hathor and Horus. The tomb was discovered in 1904 by the Italian archaeologist Ernesto Schiaparelli. In 2003 the tomb was closed to the general public.

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Line Pattern Handout One Page Elements of Art Principles of Design Visual Arts

This is a one page line patten handout that will help students get ideas to create unique works of art.Follow us:Website: Click here for our website!Twitter: Click here for twitter!Facebook: Click here for twitter!Instagram : Click here for instagram!


South African author and explorer Michael Tellinger and Austrian artifacts researcher Klaus Dona visited the giant footprint in South Africa...


Here we have a "classic" example of the Ancient Native Americans' ingenuity in . reworking old, worn-out or damaged artifacts to suit a totally different purpose from which they were first intended. These two relics were originally arrowheads, but were re-shaped into drills, most likely recovered after a successful hunt during which, the tips of the arrowheads were damaged.. An excellent example of Native Amerinds' "Recycling"


The only known surviving Roman scutum shield - known from testudo(tortoise) formation. mid-3rd century AD, Dura-Europos

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Danielson Model: Aim for Excellence! (Inspire Me, ASAP!)

Danielson Model: Aim for Excellence!


Dug Civil War 3" Confederate "Mullane" or "Tennessee Sabot" Artillery Shell - John Plank Geilseman collection Here is a rare Confederate 3” bourreleted Mullane Type 1 common shell. It was recovered from the Gettysburg Battlefield prior to being illegal to recover artifacts from the battlegrounds. Also known as a "Tennessee Sabot", this type artillery round and its longer-nosed variants are typical Mullane Type 1 shells used in Virginia from the spring of 1862 until summer of 1863. The…


Roman scutum. This is the only known surviving example of this kind of shields. (Yale University). Dura-Europos, 3rd century AD