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Identifying Non Fiction Text Structures Practice Pack

Each double sided sheet provides a list of possible text structure, clear (yet challenging) examples for students to label, and space for them to provide the clues/reasoning they used for choosing their answers: - Problem and Solution - Cause and Effect - Compare and Contrast - Order and Sequence - Description - Anecdote. Included are five separate text sets to practice with that are themed around animals, sports, comic books, video games, and cell phones.


As children learn to sequence, they are also learning about patterns, relationships, and order, and laying the foundation for work in mathematics and language. Practicing sequencing happens with simple daily conversations, but it can also be more formally introduced in activities such as story sequencing. Don't forget to download the fun and festive Snowman Sequencing Printable!


In the “Triangle Sequence Tracking Complex” worksheets, the student must find the same triangle sequences as the examples at the top of the page.


*** Build Your Own Yoga Practice -- Use this chart as a guide. The chart is read from top to bottom, left to right so Pose 1 is Namasthe, Pose 2 Tadasana and so on.


The Gingerbread Man!

Fred- This is the story called 'Ginger Bread'. By using graphic illustration, i think this also a great example of the graphic sequence. In this storyboard, without the words, people can still read the information and use their imagination to think what is it.


Text Structures Part 1 (4:23 min) - Examples of descriptive, problem & solution, and sequence writing formats. #Education, Research, Library, Integrated Project, Writing, Descriptive, Problem / Solution, Sequence