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Example Of An Allusion

Medieval theology often interpreted episodes from Hebrew scripture as prefigurations of events in the New Testament. The Sacrifice of Isaac, for example, was seen as an allusion to the Crucifixion. The present embroidery likely had a pendant depicting scenes from the life of Christ

T+T+T Step 4: "I don't know who talked papa into sending us away to school. Seems like it would have taken the same angel who announced to Mary that she was pregnant with God and got her to be happy about it" (page 11). This is an example of an biblical allusion because no one would think that a virgin could be pregnant, it is very suprising which is why she compared it to her father's decision about them going to school because it seemed very unlikely.

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100 Photos You Have To Look At Twice To Understand

Here we have compiled a fantastic collection of 25 funny and creative photography illusions collected from all over the internet, some are golden oldies that everybody has seen, but some are new and inspiring.


Hot milk pot, France, ca.1746-1749, Silver. "The lid's finial, which also serves as a thumbpiece for raising the lid, is in the form of a nightcap tassel, an allusion that would have been appropriate for hot milk, which was served with coffee in the morning." Met Museum