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The Evil Dead Groovy T-Shirt

.@GroovyBruce "The game of Rock-Paper-Scissors gets a Deadite twist with the Evil Dead Groovy T-Shirt, proving that Ash is one guy you don’t want to play the game with… although he is the guy you want to have around when the dead are too rude to stay dead. 'Hail to the king, baby.'"

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Los 25 mejores posters del cine de terror

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Evil Dead - posesión infernal (2013) I know many people would not agree...but I think this is better than the original....bruce Campbell apart,,,,

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Evil Dead / Birthday "Ash Vs The Evil Dead"

What a creepy and cool Evil Dead themed birthday party! See more party ideas at!

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Evil Dead VHS - If you love movies and movie posters follow the podcast and