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Melanie Martinez invites everyone to her 'Pity Party' with new single and video

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The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

Everyone knows the foundation of a good road trip is great music to keep you awake on your drive. This road trip playlist is filled with songs that will get you pumped to make it to your final destination.

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Everyone knows that I'm crazy about @ImpressArt Metal Stamps! These texture hammers really create an amazing finish on my charms and other metal pieces.

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The Koenigsegg One:1 Is Sweden's 280 MPH Carbon Fiber Hypercar

Koenigsegg One:1. Just so everyone knows, this can go from 0-248 mph in 20 seconds. I'll let that sink in...straight up woah

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Hart of Dixie - S02E10 - For-real, out-in-public, everyone-knows-about, actual boyfriend ♥

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Cat embroidery Floral hoop art Custom needlepoint Hand embroidery Silhouette Cute wall decor Cat Embroidery Pink floral cat art

A silhouetted cat with floral accents...swoon! Are you a cat lover like me? Or know someone who is? (and come on...everyone knows a crazy cat

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26 Genius Mugs You Need To Drink Out Of Right Now

<b>Because everyone knows clever mugs make your coffee taste even better.</b> Contains some very NSFW crockery.

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A former spice warehouse built in 1636 might not be the first thing you picture when you think of a family home. But, located on an almost-too-beautiful-to-be-real tree-lined street in Amsterdam, in a neighborhood where everyone knows each other and canals lay just outside of the front door, that

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Everyone knows that IKEA is a Swedish company, but did you know there’s another Swedish company named Superfront, that have a collection of fronts, handles, legs, sides, and tops that are specifically designed to fit onto IKEA’s most common cabinets?

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You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love. ~ Warsan Shire

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Just Thor being Thor

Well, DUH. everyone knows "ANOTHER!" is Thor for: "Pardon me dear madam, this drink is simply smashing I hope it would not inconvenience you if I should go so far as to order a second?" *snort* smashing. Get it? Oh I'm so funny sometimes. <-- this previous comment. Haha!

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11 Creative DIY Gifts for Grandparents Day

Everyone knows Grandma and Grandpa are the best source for everything from cookies and hugs to love and praise—so it’s only right that they get a holiday devoted to them. National Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 13 and it’s a great opportunity to honor grandparents near and far with a homemade handprint card, an interview session about their lives, a personalized photo book, and more....

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