Slovak Bread Fondue Ingredients 1 loaf of bread 100g shredded Parmesan 100g shredded cheese like Edam 100g cream cheese like Philadelphia 300ml whipping cream 150g bacon 1/2 red or orange bell pepper 3 spring onions Pinch of dried oregano Salt Olive oil

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The web's best crumpet recipe, for that perfect English teatime treat | European Cuisines

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Svickova na smetane- One of my favorite Czech dishes from my time in Prague.

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Irish Chocolate Potato Cake (Original pinner Cara Hart said: I made this for St. Paddy's Day this year. It is delicious! Too bad it took 5 hours to make, meaning I will have to officially go insane before I ever make it again.)

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My brothers, with my mom's input, cooked up her deliciously ethnic Dumplings and Pork. It's one of her great old Bohemian recipes we grew up with.

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Peter's Mum's Soda Bread Recipe Peter's Mum (Mrs. Dorothy Smyth) Irish soda bread: a brief history and introduction, the basic recipe for white soda bread, and some variants (brown soda, treacle bread, golden soda, currant soda)

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A delicate dessert based on Ireland's most ancient jelling agent: Carrageenan Moss Blancmange | European Cuisines

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