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Poll: Europeans Turning Against EU: Populism against global elite rising worldwide


Poll: Europeans Turning Against EU

Every household told: sign up now to vote in historic EU poll -


Nexit: Now Netherlands looks set to leave crumbling EU bloc as far-right party TOPS POLLS

Nexit: Netherlands looks set to leave EU as far-right party tops polls | World | News | Daily Express

from CNN

ORC poll: A nation divided, and is it ever -

CNN/ORC poll: A nation divided, and is it ever -

LIVE POLL : If you could vote again today in the EU referendum, knowing what you know now, how would you vote?


GEREXIT? Merkel in MELTDOWN as nearly HALF of Germans want EU referendum, poll finds

GEREXIT? Merkel in MELTDOWN as nearly HALF of Germans want .EU referendum, poll finds/16

How euroscepticism is RIPPING the EU APART: Shock poll shows unstoppable populist surge

from Mail Online

Italian Prime Minister resigns after EU referendum loss

4 DEC 2016. Italy is the latest country to reject the establishment after Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi conceded the referendum and resigned. A shock poll by Demos in the week predicted an 11 percentage point margin in the south of the country, according to a Demos poll. The vote could prompt an exit from the European Union and rejection would follow results in the Brexit referendum and the U.S. presidency race in citizens turning their back on the political status quo.


Retaliation Fears Bring Calls for Whistleblowers' Law in Corruption Crackdown

More than 60 organizations have joined EU politicians in a campaign to force Brussels to bring in a law protecting whistleblowers who expose corruption and tax avoidance, revealed in the LuxLeaks and Panama Papers leaks, after a new poll shows 35 percent of citizens fear retaliation.