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Ethiopian Cuisine

Perhaps the most important food in Ethiopian cuisine, injera is a spongy sourdough flatbread that serves as a bread and an eating utensil.

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Ethiopian Spice Mix (Berbere) - a complex mix that gives food a rich taste layered with flavor.

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Cooking goals for next week. About to whip up some ethiopian food #housenorthofaddis style. Photo source: Pinterest. #ethiopianfood #habeshafood #foodie #foodgoals #foodblog #vegan #vegetarian #shiro #dorowat #kikalicha #butter #yum #berbere #montreal #cooking #injera by housenorthofaddis -

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Ethiopian Food (An Overview of Ethiopian Cuisine)

Ethiopian food guide. Everything you want to know about Ethiopian food - both vegetarian and meat-filled. Delicious!

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Ethiopian cuisine: Fit-fit, or chechebsa, made with kitcha (unleavened bread), niter kibbeh (seasoned clarified butter) and berbere spice is a typical breakfast food.

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Ethiopian Injera (Flat Bread)

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Berbere: Ethiopian spice blend

Berbere, which means "hot" in Amharic, is an Ethiopian spice blend very common to Ethiopian cooking. Use it for doro wot, misir wot, or as a chile powder in your favorite dish!

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