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Ethan Dolan

I'm Ethan I have a twin Grayson I'm much better in bed then he is I've dated lots of girls but I haven't found the right one and I hope I do*smirks*cindy is my bestie and bailey is too!

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I literally died watching this video!!! It was so funny!!!< Lmao same but try watching it in a dead silent class and try not to lol

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This is Lorcan Sacamander he is the twin brother of Lysander Sacamander. He's a 6th year Gryfindoor. He's very nice and often flirty with the girls at hogwarts but kind of rude and nasty to the boys. He's got a record of moving from girl to girl, mostly dating them to get back at a guy who likes them. But none of the girls really believe that. Most of them are obsessed with him and his looks. He's got a small group of friends, mainly hanging our with his brother and the Quittitch team. If…

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See this Instagram photo by @ethandolan • 308.7k likes

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