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I've read so many Hemingway biography's and so many of his novels, and short stories ... and just things about his life, as well as his death (I have the book, "Final Drafts") ... so I can actually find the irony in this statement. sigh!


ernest hemingway - an interesting non-fiction journey with Hem while hunting, fishing and trying to correlate philosophy in the mix. Controversial.


...Hemingway divulged to Hotchner the details of the affair that destroyed his first marriage: the truth of his romantic life in Paris and how he lost Hadley, the real part of each literary woman he'd later create and the great love he spent the rest of his life seeking. And he told of the mischief that made him a legend: of impotence cured in a house of God; of a plane crash in the African bush,..Biography


Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway is seen as one of the great American 20th century novelists, and is known for works like A Farewell to Arms and The Old Man and the Sea.