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"Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough." ~ FDR

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Eric Cantor (R-VA) RE: Blocking the Violence Against Women Act. "I'm sure women understand." Some folks think that VAWA was passed yeeeearrrs ago.

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How exactly is this helping? Greedy Republican puppet protecting the rich + wealthy Corporate welfare moochers!!

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in his "defence"... he said, "“This is not about saving money for anybody; this is about making life easier,” for working parents, he told the group... I would say it "appears" he knows little of either... needing overtime, or needing "free time" Hard to write leg. when you live in a bubble, just true Read more:

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It always amazes me how easily these evil men (and they are evil) can look people right in the eye and lie.

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Worked 5.1 months out of 12! Voted against overtime pay for people working more than 40 hour a week. GOP we are watching and we vote!

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Eric Cantor will always be remembered as the guy who wasted $73M on useless voting to repeal the congress approved and court sanctioned Obamacare.

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American Thinker Blog: GOP plan calls for National Guard deployment at border ~ "On the surface, this Republican plan to deal with the border crisis is a lot better than the plan offered by President Obama." Don't buy it!!!

Playing politics with the budget cost four lives and the republican scum don't regret it at all. VOTE the LYING GOP OUT in NOV!

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