Test of equivalence principle searches for effects of spin-gravity coupling

The equivalence principle is key to understanding that light is deflected by gravity, and to understanding gravitational redshift.

During ten seconds of weightlessness Brynle Barrett from the Laboratory of Photonics, Numerical Sciences and Nanosciences at the University of Bordeaux monitors an experiment to test the ‘weak equivalence principle’ – or why a feather in a vacuum falls as fast as a hammer.

Equivalence Principle: In this video Paul Andersen explains how inertial mass and gravitational mass are equivalent. He shows you too simple methods for calculated individual inertial mass and gravitational mass. Albert Einstein used this principle to build his general theory of relativity.

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Clear explanation of the equivalence principle from General Relativity - Centennial -- 100 Years of Gravity. Hosted by Professor Shane L. Larson, Northwestern University and Adler Planetarium.

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Why does the liquid go sideways when Miller pours himself a drink? Because there's a bit more to the physics of simulating gravity than just the Equivalence Principle

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equivalence principle showing a caricature einstein freefall

Einstein's Spacetime. Illustration of the equivalence principle, showing a caricature of Einstein in freefall with with a scale and ball floating nearby (left) and a caricature of Einstein standing on a scale with a weight of ~140 lbs, with a ball falling nearby (right)

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