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Test of equivalence principle searches for effects of spin-gravity coupling

The equivalence principle is key to understanding that light is deflected by gravity, and to understanding gravitational redshift.

Uniformly Accelerating Charged Particles: A Threat to the Equivalence Principle (Hardcover)

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Equivalence Principle: In this video Paul Andersen explains how inertial mass and gravitational mass are equivalent. He shows you too simple methods for calculated individual inertial mass and gravitational mass. Albert Einstein used this principle to build his general theory of relativity.

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Dot Physics

Phone Accelerometer -> Einsteins Equivalence Principle

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Einstein's Equivalence Principle Put to Test, Discovery News | 5/6/16 An orbital experiment is about to test to see if objects really fall at same speed in a gravitational field — or wither some exotic physics may be detected.

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L45 Watch visualizations of ideas that helped Einstein devise his theories of relativity and of the equivalence principle.