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Painting #6 SIDE EFFECTS of the Life With Epilepsy series. Taking the medicines to control seizures does not make everything OK. Everyone has different reactions to each medicine so it is a matter of finding the right meds that control their seizures and have side effect they can live with. #EPILEPSY #AWARENESS


I experience 2 types of seizures. My seizures were first triggered by a tumor in the motor region of my brain. Surgery removed that tumor, but the scar tissue and fluids that remain there require me to be on medication for the rest of my life to suppress seizures. #EpilepsyAwareness


I can understand a parent, partner, friend etc feeling that way but the view I have as a woman diagnosed with epilepsy about 30 years ago and today still intractable seizures after brain surgery etc I think it is more important to try to give attention to accomplishment unrelated to epilepsy and health to help the person see they as an individual are more than a person with epilepsy/health problems but accomplishments like all people developmentally are involved in. I understand it is…


Epilepsy Awareness #5 Brain Fog ASDs help to control seizures but they do have terrible side effects that we have to live with everyday. The black words on the brain are some bad things that they add. The white words falling out of the brain are good things that they can take away. #EPILEPSY #AWARENESS


Long-Term Seizure-Free Status by Epilepsy Surgery Type: 3 Outcomes Snapshots | Cleveland Clinic #epilepsy researchers have tallied rates of #seizure freedom 10+ years after temporal lobe, frontal lobe and posterior quadrant resections among over 1,000 patients. Here’s the lowdown...