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Gamma Knife Unlikely to Beat Epilepsy Surgery

PKB EMPIRE 180 Women's Cap Sleeve Junior's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt

Brain Surgery? BEEN THERE; DONE THAT. Quote tee for brain surgery survivors in white with black font, front brint. #Chiari #brain #tumor

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Epilepsy surgery via laser:

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day 20...lung capacity has improved. Feeling a bit better! Just need to get back to the gym!!!! Almost there....YAY

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Epilepsy Problems / Epilepsy Awareness... A burden to family, friends, coworkers and most anyone in our lives...

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Increased ICP Symptoms (0 - 15) = Normal Ranges **Any patient that becomes acutely unconscious, regardless of the cause should be suspected of having ↑ ICP** Causes: · Mass lesion (tumor) · Cerebral edema: o Can lead to SIADH or DI o Do NOT lay flat (might have edema in brain) o Reaches peak in 2 – 4 days, then subsides unless there is underlying pathology (cancer, DM, etc.) o Treatment: § Mannitol § Hypertonic Saline § Surgery (depending on cause trauma v. brain tumor) · NOT done if…

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Incredible close-up shot of living human brain wins microscope photography competition

A unique close-up image of a living human brain has won the Wellcome Prize for microscope photography after it was taken during a surgical procedure to treat a patient with epilepsy. Taken by Robert Ludlow of UCL's Institute of Neurology, the image is a rare shot of a living brain - a view normally only seen by neurosurgeons, showing veins, arteries and grey matter flushed pink with blood.

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Benefits Pile Up for Epilepsy Surgery

One of Morgan's neurologist from Cleveland Clinic. So glad she had the surgery.

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