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Pre- and post-surgery MRI scans showing laser ablation area. Laser ablation for epilepsy.


With an accurate diagnosis, Jeff got the right epilepsy treatment. Watch Jeff's story about his successful epilepsy surgery.

20 Things You Can Expect After Brain Surgery – The Everywhereist


Epilepsy Surgery Questions & Answers | Neurosurgery | University of Pittsburgh

Long-Term Seizure-Free Status by Epilepsy Surgery Type: 3 Outcomes Snapshots | Cleveland Clinic #epilepsy researchers have tallied rates of #seizure freedom 10+ years after temporal lobe, frontal lobe and posterior quadrant resections among over 1,000 patients. Here’s the lowdown...

I can understand a parent, partner, friend etc feeling that way but the view I have as a woman diagnosed with epilepsy about 30 years ago and today still intractable seizures after brain surgery etc I think it is more important to try to give attention to accomplishment unrelated to epilepsy and health to help the person see they as an individual are more than a person with epilepsy/health problems but accomplishments like all people developmentally are involved in. I understand it is…


Meth, Coke Addiction May Affect Brains of Women More Than Men #health #addiction #lifestyle

Epilepsy Awareness Thought: You learn just how long 30 seconds really is when you are watching someone you love having a seizure :(