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This quote has so much truth to it. The theory that connects to it is the Problem Based Learning Theory developed at McMaster University in Canada. This theory states how students can deal with problems that they come across in their learning. We will all make mistakes and have problems with our learning. It is how we overcome our mistakes that eventually will make us masters of learning.

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7 Inspiring Quotes For Earth Day

-the most patriotic thing you can do is take care of the environment and try to live sustainably - Quotes for Earth Day

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It takes only 30 days of waking in the morning and saying I've pressed the reset button and get to create a new vibrational environment. February 8, 2014 San Diego, CA. *Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ1609)

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Go Green! Go ECrent! Come to our website at to rent or rent out the items. Protect our environment! Great to start a (small) business, or to save/make some money! We all own something we can rent out

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Scientists agree on climate change, whether you believe it's a thing or not.

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Community Post: 10 Life Lessons From Dr. Seuss That'll Make You A Better Person

The Lorax by Dr. Seus is a great way to get elementary students thinking about environmental issues and how they can become advocates for the environment! - #happiness #happinessquotes

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"It makes no sense to elevate economics above the biosphere." ~David Suzuki

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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

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Dedication doesn't have an off-season. Commitment doesn't sway with the weather. If you want it, you'll compete every day for it.

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