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Entergy Power Outage

DIY Emergency Candles: 6 Different SHTF Candles You Can Make

Normal candles are fine for the odd short power outage, but if you are going to be days or even weeks without power/lighting, you want something bigger and more efficient like a 50 hour candle. The problem is these are expensive… The good news is…


Super Bowl outage blamed on electrical relay device. The cause of Sunday's power outage at the Super Bowl in New Orleans has been traced to an electrical relay device, Entergy New Orleans Inc. announced Friday.

Be Prepared: making it through a power outage Tips from Entergy Arkansas


Entergy - View Outages

Make a Homemade Solar Window Heater: Does it work? Here I've got air flowing in the bottom at 63 F and back out the top at a little over 100 F. Pretty hot for a piece of painted cardboard. The temperature outside is about 35 F.


It wasn't Beyonce: Super Bowl outage traced to relay failure

It wasn't Beyonce: Super Bowl outage traced to relay failure Entergy, an electric and gas utility in New Orleans, says a relay device installed to protect Superdome equipment in the event of a cable failure ended up malfunctioning.

New SmartCharge LED Light Bulb Works Even When the Power Goes Out


Hurricane Isaac power outages have customers steaming in more ways than one

Thank goodness only a day and a half without power due to Isaac. Thursday noon, great day for us:)

More than 246,000 customers remained without power in LA as of late Sunday morning. That was down from a peak of more than 900,000.The state’s largest power provider, Entergy, says its affiliates have reduced the number of outages to 242,465, down from about 704,000 earlier. The company has drawn criticism from residents and some public officials for the pace of restoration.