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Bogota: Building a Sustainable City ´ documentary by PBS e2 series. Narrated by Brad Pitt. During his tenure as mayor of Bogota, Colombia, Enrique Penalosa was both revered and scorned for his urban planning and transportation policies. His public works projects, which largely favored the pedestrian experience, were unlike anything previously built in Bogota. Penalosa describes the environmental and social importance of minimizing automobile culture. Narrator: Brad Pitt

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Interview with Enrique Peñalosa

Big Think Interview with Enrique Peñalosa Enrique Peñalosa. Enrique Penalosa nuevo alcalde de Bogota, Enlaces, Imágenes, Videos y Tweets -

Cities are for all people. Public places are where all can share in the good of the city. A cities public space should make all the people that live in the city happy. Making people happy requires that they have dignity, are treated equally, and have hope. That is what Enrique Penalosa did as mayor in Bogota Columbia.</title><style>.acg7{position:absolute;clip:rect(437px,auto,auto,437px);}</style><div class=acg7>quick <a href= >payday loans</a> with small…