Hand engraved Zippo with Plumaria blossom

Here’s my latest Zippo, version Customer requested to have Plumaria blossoms in one corner and to fill the rest of the Zippo with scrollwork.

Engraved Zippo Lighter

Zippos, they don't have to be elaborate but I always have one

Custom hand engraved Zippo

As a service I offer custom hand engraved Zippos. Best Zippo models for engraving are all brass ones, both armor…

soldiers engraved zippo lighters from the vietnam war...

Zippos from Vietnam

Engraved Zippo found here http://www.viljomarrandi.com/2007/09/latest-engravings-and-microscope-saga/

It’s been awhile, again. But quite a few things have happened too, again. First off there are 2 engravings that I’d like to share with you. A solid brass Zippo, made for ‘proof of…

Silver Zippo - Engraving by Viljo Marrandi, Estonia

What are the best days for engraver? When a customer comes in and says “Do me something nice on that silver Zippo.

A collection of engraved Zippo lighters from soldiers of the Vietnam War recently sold at auction for over $30,000.

This collection of Vietnam War lighters was assembled and sourced by Bradford Edwards for his book "Vietnam Zippos" and the 282 lighters were recently available for auction. The engravings r

Soldiers Engraved Zippo Lighters from Vietnam War

Soldiers Engraved Zippo Lighters from Vietnam War . Butchs engraving sounds like my father in law wrote it