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'Cwtch'. The Welsh word which sort of encompasses the English words of hold/hug/love/cuddle all in one. ---- Can anyone comment on the origin of this word? Must have a link to european languages somehow like most Welsh words.

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A fun place to start! might have been beneficial if they got it right in the first place!!!!! Check out the letters of the alphabet - it's in English.....not in Welsh!!!!! LOL!!!!! Welsh has it's own alphabet!!! The print is too small to check if the words are correct or not!

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19 amazing Welsh recipes you'll want to cook tonight

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The Welsh Terrier apparently originated in Wales several hundred years ago, although some historians claim they are descendants of the Old English Black-and-Tan Wire Haired Terriers. They were used to hunt otters, badgers and foxes. Known for their tenacity for hunting and gentleness at home, they became popular dogs. - See more at:

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