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English To Polish Dictionary’s Word of the Day - simonize - to shine or polish to a high sheen, especially with wax: to simon...


Hello friends! I've created another FREE genealogy tool for you. It's a guide of common genealogical terms in seven languages: English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Ukrainian and Slovak. I've ...


For all of you people that don't like to waste or don't want our dumps exploding or just don't feel the arrogance of needing everything brand new. Let's upcycle that schmatte.


Lexigrams - Born in Bratislava, Slovakia, Veronika Hecko(va) Wu creates, designs and illustrates Lexigrams. Lexigrams are illustrated cards showcasing the best words the English language has to offer. Each Lexigram tells a visual story that will surprise, delight, and stimulate your imagination. Lexigrams are the perfect gift for the writers, art lovers, and bookworms in your life.


simonize: Word of the Day simonize: to shine or polish to a high sheen, especially with wax.

Multilang Dictionary Glosbe Android App - , Glosbe is a multilingual dictionary. It covers ALL languages and is developed by the community, just like wikipedia. And works both online and offline!Glosbe will give you not only translations, but also thousands of examples, pronunciations and images to help you to find a correct translation. No matter if you need Albanian, Afrikaans, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Bengali, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech…