❤ " I'm a little bulldog, short & stout. Tip me over & my tongue falls out ! " ❤ I want to do this with my pitbulls

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My dog does this. It is like he's trying to will you into doing what he wants.

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If you have siblings then you know this struggle. Especially for the front seat

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"I'm not a pig, I'm not a pug, but I do love getting great BIG HUGS. I didn't run into a wall or get hit in the face with a pan. If you get to know me you might become a fan. My tail hasn't been docked or cut. But I do have a CUTE BUTT! I'm not growling or being mean that is just how it sounds when I breath. I'm not so ugly I'm almost cute. Any who says that should just scoot. I'm an English Bulldog proud & true. A real friend through and through.❤ ❤ ❤

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