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blah: empty nail polish bottle filled with sand & embellished with a cork, locket, ribbon and chain/TADA!: sentimental necklace

from BuzzFeed

28 Magical Beauty Products That Are Pure Genius

This is a must do, love it! Glow in the dark just break a glow stick into a bottle of clear nail polish, so cool


Simply pour Elmer's glue (yes, the elementary school kind) into an empty nail polish bottle. Brush on the glue around your cuticles, let dry for 3-4 minutes (which it will be dry by the time you finish coating all 10 of your cuticles), and sponge away that gradient! Then with tweezers, slowly pull at the dried glue and remove the mess in one take! Super easy, cheap, and effortless. Clean up any excess polish with a small angled brush and nail polish remover. Voila!