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This is my favourite from the first three Star Wars films made. It really gets into some pretty deep areas, psychologically. The father-son relationship here is critical of course, and what fascinates me most about this film.

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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - still my favourite of all the Star Wars films, love it.

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Empire of storms

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Empire of storms

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I feel like Hollin's biggest purpose in TOG is to serve as the spare heir, allowing Dorian to be tortured and/or killed off. That way there's the suspense of knowing Dorian may be killed by his own father, but now that that's over, I'm pretty sure Hollin won't come into play.

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Empire of storms

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lizthefangirl: “Rowan Whitethorn in Empire of Storms.When I read this scene, I knew I had to paint it as a coping mechanism. Here it is! Painted in Photoshop. ”

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One of the all-time great movie posters. The first movie of young Christian Bale (Batman) about the Japanese invasion of China. This poster manages to capture so many elements of the film it's hard to know where to start: the kid's love of airplanes, the POW camp, the war, the Japanese "rising sun" emblem... rendered in the style of a Chinese brush painting. Brilliant.

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Seriously like, you messed up Lorcan

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