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Accept that you can’t fix, change, rescue, save, make someone else happy or love someone enough to make them be nice to you. Don’t just pay lip service to this. Really wrap your brain around the fact that no matter what you do, it will never be good enough. Understand that no matter how much you do or has done for him or her; he or she’ll always expect or would have expected and demanded more. Acknowledge that the more you appease, compromise and forget your own needs; the...


ENABLING is helping, assisting, supporting, or bailing someone out, in order they may avoid the natural (and perhaps unpleasant) consequences of their actions. Poster:

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Emotional Rescue: Activities for Emotional Development

emotionaldevelopment:Emotional Rescue: Activities for Emotional Development (

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Emotional Rescue

Emotional Rescue by TamlarDesigns on Etsy

Track Name: Emotional Rescue Artist: Rolling Stones Album: Emotional Rescue Released: June 20, 1980 Writer(s): Mick Jagger, Keith Richards


Healing a broken mind, heart and spirit can be done, but it's long, painful and very arduous. One has to be a committed soul to heal from narcissistic abuse! ~ Saoirse Quill


Emotional Rescue ~ The first of the band’s albums to top the charts on both sides of the Atlantic since Goats Head Soup, five years earlier, it also became the one that spent longest at the top of any Stones album during the previous sixteen years, eventually spending a year on the US album chart. ~ RELEASED JUNE 1980 UK NO.1 (2 WEEKS) CHARTED 18 WEEKS US NO.1 (7 WEEKS) CHARTED 51 WEEKS