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We think: Sexy, sassy woman with confidence. | What Your Favourite Emoji Symbols Actually Mean | POPSUGAR Celebrity Australia

What Your Favourite Emoji Symbols Actually Mean: Today is World Emoji Day so apart from sending numerous messages comprised only by emoji, we're looking back at what our favourite characters actually mean.

Emoji ☺ symbols - fsymbols

List of Emoji Symbols and Emoticon Text Icons

What Your Favourite Emoji Symbols Actually Mean


😋 Emoji Blog — 🈶 🈯 🈹 Chinese Emoji Symbol meanings

Very nice website where you can easily create your status or comment with lots of Facebook Symbols: smiley symbol, emoji symbol, emoticons, colored hearts, etc and copy it!! great! :)


We think: Happy and inexplicably sweaty. What it actually is: This emoji just exercised, and is pretty proud of himself.

We think: Exaggerated crying, the way Ja'mie King would cry in Summer Heights High. What it actually is: Distraught and inconsolable — and now we feel bad.


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