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Emmeline Pankhurst (1858 or 1857 -- 1928) was a British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote. In 1999 Time named Pankhurst as one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century, stating: "she shaped an idea of women for our time; she shook society into a new pattern from which there could be no going back."

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21. "We are here not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers." - Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928)

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emmeline pankhurst quotes - To all who might have seen the Suffragette cast critized for shirts saying this : it is a direct quote from the movie and miss Pankurst

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Emmeline Pankhurst: 10 things you need to know about the suffragette

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English suffragette Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst at work on the facia of the Women’s Social Defence League shop, London, 1912.

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Emmeline Pankhurst 1858-1928 Pankhurst was a leading British women's rights activist, who led the movement to win the right for women to vote.

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41 fotos feministas ao redor do mundo: antes e agora

Reino Unido, 1908: Christabel Pankhurst e sua mãe, Emmeline, recebidas por simpatizantes e amigos após sua libertação da prisão. | 41 fotos feministas ao redor do mundo: antes e agora

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