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Hello, Monday 02.04.2015 --on a Wednesday! :) - the CLASSroom...Video 4:43min The glossy sheen on the die cut "rock" is a great way to simulate those fun epoxy stickers--I just love how many different ways we can use dies! Emily's video is where the fun begins,


Akkura - Io, Nico ed Emily. Video, Musica Makeup Francesco Paolo Catalano

I shared Emily's video last week, so thought I would share Sam's this week! There's so many to choose from, but have a look at this one. Good luck in X Factor tonight Sam!

The Speech YouTube Doesn't Want You To See - The Extremism Of Veganism ➡➡ DEAR FRIENDS, lets all spread this video wide and far. Youtube has been censoring Emily's video for some time now. But now it's reaching a high stage. Let's all give her likes for the video! Please help her so she can continue to educate about animal abuse. ⬅⬅