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Emily Scarratt: I won the Rugby World Cup... but I still want to look good in ... - http://rugbycollege.co.uk/rugby-news/emily-scarratt-i-won-the-rugby-world-cup-but-i-still-want-to-look-good-in/

Women's Rugby World Cup 2014: Emily Scarratt confident of title - http://rugbycollege.co.uk/england-rugby/womens-rugby-world-cup-2014-emily-scarratt-confident-of-title/

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Rugby Féminin – Emily Scarratt veut faire tomber les clichés ! - XV Ovalie - 25/08/2014

Can Emily Scarratt do a Jonny Wilkinson and win the Women's Rugby World Cup? - http://rugbycollege.co.uk/rugby-news/can-emily-scarratt-do-a-jonny-wilkinson-and-win-the-womens-rugby-world-cup/

James caught up with Emily Scarratt, an England Women’s #Rugby International who played an integral part in the world cup winning team of 2014....

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