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Emergency Preparation Tutorials

Be Prepared! How to Create a DIY Emergency Kit

Prepare your family in case of emergency! These DIY emergency kit tips will help you make sure everyone — kids and pets included — is prepared.

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How to Survive Field Injuries — From snake bites to sore teeth, this guide will help you tackle almost any accident. All of these injuries are quite common and a little trip to the doctor can normally sort these out! What if there were no doctor? What if you were stranded or SHTF?

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Family Emergency Binder: Free Checklist to Create Your Own

Do you have a Family Emergency Binder at home? Do you always mean to put one together but just haven't had time? Here's a resource to find an emergency binder just for you that you can put together quickly - includes fabulous ready-made binders and free downloads.

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25 Books Every Prepared Family Should Own — Preppers tend to be information junkies. We surf the net, participate in forums, and download PDFs with abandon. You need to have some in a physical format.

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BEFORE the gas tanks are empty - prepare!

The best way to avoid panic is to prepare. Be ready for gas shortages with these great tips.

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Prepping for beginners - what do we need to be prepared for, how to start prepping, and how do we keep it simple? Prepping used to be considered a radical activity, but more and more we are realizing the need to be prepared for all kinds of emergency situations.

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10 New Year's Resolutions for Beginning Preppers

Whether you're a beginning prepper or not, the beginning of the year is a great to to commit yourself to emergency preparedness. via @urbanalan

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Stay Prepared With This DIY Riot Mask

In Any Emergency Situation it's always best to be resourceful, this DIY tutorial is an Alternative Gas Mask that will help you breath easily in a riot. See full video tutorial at

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