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Breitling Emergency II w/emergency transponder built in...finally a high end watch that's potentially worth the extra cost for those in some professions. Two transponders built in meaning it broadcasts on two emergency radio frequencies, the old and new. This is the same technology downed aircraft use. Using both emergency systems allows rescuers to pinpoint your location to within yards using a cross fix...U.S. military, State Department, global adventurers, etc. can capitalize on this…


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They thought of everything with this emergency radio that runs on solar, hand crank, AA batteries or AC adapter. Plus, in addition to the AM/FM/shortwave radio and NOAA Weather Alert system, it has a flashlight, LED reading light, USB charging jack and headphone jack.


Not Just A Pretty Necklace: Now Your Jewelry Can Save Your Life

I've always been a fan of safety devices, especially for women travelling. Cuff is a stylish safety notification device that is GPS enabled so you can alert your family and friends to your location when you are walking or traveling alone. It comes as a


"With the National Weather Service planning to start using the new nationwide CMAS/WEA mobile device alerting system this spring, 10. What if I don’t want to receive WEA messages? You can opt-out of receiving WEA messages for imminent threats and AMBER alerts, but not for Presidential messages. "

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FEMA and National Weather Service launch Wireless Emergency Alert System

FEMA and National Weather Service launch Wireless Emergency Alert System. Mobile alerts delivered to cell towers in affected areas.