How to Apply the Elvira Makeup ~ Look Like the Vamp of Camp for Halloween (or Anytime!)

Elvira Halloween Makeup

Elvira Halloween makeup is easy once you know the essential beauty products and the order in which to apply them. The crowning glory for an Elvira costume.

Official Elvira Costume (Grand Heritage)

Officially licensed Elvira ® Mistress of the Dark costume. This high-end quality Elvira costume comes complete with low-cut gown, belt with Elvira's signature j

the glitter and the gore - inspiration for beauty junkies, makeup artists and enthusiasts

Halloween Witch Eye Makeup Ideas Pictures ideas tips tutorial how to do to get such scary makeup. What way to wear makeup at this Halloween for make it memorable.

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.Vampire lips                                                                                                                                                     More

Fake It Until You Make It: Bigger Eyes

This is supposedly how to get vampire red lips. People wear red lipstick when they go out. Does that mean their lips look like vampire lips? Does that make them look scary?