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Ellen Degeneres Email

Love, Ellen: A Mother/Daughter Journey (Paperback)

Mom, I'm gay. With three little words, gay sons and daughters can change their parents' lives forever. Twenty years ago, during a walk on a Mississippi beach, Ellen DeGeneres spoke those simple, power


The Funny Thing Is . . . Ellen Really Has Design Chops

Get the much-adored comedian <b>Ellen DeGeneres</b>’s take on the spectacular homes she’s decorated in collaboration with a host of top designers and dealers.


Taylor swift and Zac Efron sing a duet for Ellen on the Ellen DeGeneres show. I thought it was funny especially the part about Ellen hiding in the bathroom with a camera. WTF??? I have sent email to Ellen Degeneres show re permission to show this clip! Just make sure you check out my other videos. They are all short and most are funny so while...


Ellen Art

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres on her sheltered youth, forging her way as a female comedian, and her history-making decision to come out on TV.


Zendee Rose Tenerefe Receive Email from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”