Colonel Eli Lilly (July 8, 1838 – June 6, 1898) was an American soldier, pharmaceutical chemist, industrialist, entrepreneur, and founder of the Eli Lilly and Company pharmaceutical corporation.

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Col. Eli Lilly launched his drug company in a modest, two-story building at Meridian and Pearl streets in 1876.

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U.S. drugmaker Eli Lilly, which is trying to rebound from painful patent expirations on its medicines, said it would have to cut costs to ac...

Eli Lilly Targets Free Speech on MindFreedom's Web Site in Battle Over Zyprexa Documents

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Founded by Eli Lilly in 1876, Eli Lilly and Company is an American global pharmaceutical company which sells products in over 125 companies throughout the world. Currently located in Indianapolis, Indiana, their first products included mass produced penicillin, the Salk polio vaccine, and insulin. Currently Eli Lilly and Company is one of the worlds largest manufacturers and distributors of mental health medications including Cymbalta.

Traci Johnson a healthy 19 years-old girl Hanged herself at Eli Lilly facilities during Cymbalta clinical trial

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They say arsenic and strychnine like they are good things. I guess what doesn't kill you will cure you!

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