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DIY Elf Ears! Take scotch tape and wrap around top of ear, pinching into a point. Cut a slit the middle section of the tape and tuck into the sides of that into the pinched ear. Take liquid concealer and spread on tape and ear to balance the color tone. Put a powder concealer over that to even the tone. Takes some practice, but there ya have it! Learned it on a YouTube video

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Super easy Elf on the Shelf costume. Red shirt & leggings, Santa hat, felt skirt w/snowflakes cut out of adhesive felt, collar cut out of felt, white mittens and white tennis shoes w/ribbon to replace the laces.

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Great DIY Wood Elf Costume - costume design by Marita Tathariel Svensson

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D&D elf costume idea. Dress Madeleine Vionnet, 1924 Musée Galleira de la Mode de la Ville de Paris.

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