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Green Fingerless Leather Gloves, Short | Elf Costume Warrior Video Gamer Mad Max Post apocalyptic Zombie Hunter Barbarian World of Warcraft by PungoPungo on Etsy

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I wish elves where real now... Dragon Age - Dalish female

Had a new mini-shoot to show off my new ears (the Long Elf Ears) from Madhouse FX Studio, and tried out some new stuff with my wig as well! Think I might wear it like this for MCM instead of a...

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H&M Fur Vest, Brown Sweater, Brown Pants, Cufflink Silver Leaf Earring, Diy Latex Elf Ears, Belt, Teknikmagasinet Green Contact Lenses

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Tunic green. Starter idea for surcoat. Use suede. Check colours against concept art and final images.

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Ok...I'm not a big fan of the fanny-pack. But I would for sure wear this while tromping through the woods. I'd feel like an elf.

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