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Sparky just needs an "outlet" to "plug" into. He's "amped" up. "Watts" wrong with that?

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Funny Tumblr Post I will always repin anything with the "several bad puns later" picture in it. Life rule

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Community Post: 21 Times Tumblr Was So Punny It Hurt

These puns are just one example of wordplay. Odysseus is an epic hero who's characteristics include cleverness and wit. He uses wordplay such as this when he says his name is "Nohbdy"

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This is beautiful. I now have the urge to try it despite de fear of ruining costly cooking's instruments which is not owned by me.

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I laughed way too hard... @Holly Davis I thought you may appreciate this lol

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I dont know why I like Chemistry jokes so much. Why am I such a nerd?!!?

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