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Without the dedicated work of electrical engineers, we would not be able to communicate digitally today (and you wouldn't be reading this post)! Here are 7 famous electrical ‪#‎engineers and their accomplishments.

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Business Card Lights Up When Touched

Designed by electrical engineering student Jay Kickliter for a job fair at his school, this capacitive-touch business card stands out from the standard issue. The card features a ring of LEDs tha


Dr. K. N. Modi College of Engineering ranks among the top engineering colleges, where students are imparted knowledge with cutting-edge technology and are provided with world class amenities.

B. Tech in Electrical Engineering is one of the most important branch of engineering. The students here are provided with highly educated faculties and world class infrastructure to make the best of their career.

Fred's whole family was forced to relocate in the late 90s after his father was captured and injured by Joseph Kony's group the LRA. Now, he is a student in our Legacy Scholarship Program pursuing training at a vocational school for electrical engineering. His story: