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Interactive photo of electric catapult effect

Everything Is Frequency & DNA Is the Ultimate Antenna

Biological organisms use weak electromagnetic fields (electric and photonic) to communicate with all parts of themselves. An electric field can carry information through frequency and amplitude fluctuations. Biological organisms are basically holograms. -Josh Richardson #asabovesobelow

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"Sprites are a true space weather phenomenon," explains lightning scientist Oscar van der Velde of Sant Vicenç de Castellet, Spain. "They develop in mid-air around 80 km altitude, growing in both directions, first down, then up. This happens when a fierce lightning bolt draws lots of charge from a cloud near Earth's surface. Electric fields [shoot] to the top of Earth's atmosphere--and the result is a sprite. The entire process takes about 20 milliseconds." (Thunderheads are below the…

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The band is comprised of 4 horns, 2 guitars, keyboards, drums and fronted by the uncanny voice of Kazam Ali (Prince/Electric Bass) and Pamela Fields. Description from I searched for this on

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Bees Can Sense the Electric Fields of Flowers

Bees Can Sense the Electric Fields of Flowers – Phenomena