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MSM Election Polls Cannot Be Trusted- They're All Skewd To Favor Clinton

MSM Live election poll Trump 70% Hillary scrubbed from the News. ..WAKE UP PEOPLE THEY ARE CENSORING THE TRUTH


Election activities for kids are a great way to build a child's vocabulary about the process. Play Election Vocabulary Bingo to work on learning about polls, ballots, landslides, and more. The kids will be able to talk about the next president in a scholarly way.


Black students organize to counteract pressure from Trump followers who plan to work as"poll watchers" on Election Day. Trump's mission is to intimidate people who are likely to vote for Hillary.


#'s are legit (I checked)

MSM Election Polls Completely Fraudulent, False Poll Data Will Be Used To Steal Election | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

Not white, not black, not Hispanic: the 'others' missing from US election polls | US news | The Guardian

Are you outraged yet? Contrary to MSM, online polls reflect real people, no spin!

from Creekside Learning

Voting Booth for Kids for the 2016 Presidential Election

presidential election for kids | voting ballots, tally sheets, voter demographic collection, I VOTED stickers | free download voting activities for kids | elementary school, middle school | set up a kids voting booth with kid poll workers

from The Huffington Post

If Kids Ruled The World, Hillary Clinton Would Win The Election In A Landslide

If Kids Ruled The World, Hillary Clinton Would Win The Election In A Landslide ... and incidentally, Scholastic kid's poll has been wrong only twice since 1940.