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Elasticity Physics

"Chiral structures and defects of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals induced by saddle-splay elasticity" by Peter J. Collings et al, Professor of Physics Physics & Astronomy.

4 Amazing Pregnancy Stretches

Stretching Exercises For Pregnant Women: Stretching is a form of physical exercise that targets a specific muscle or ligament. It helps to increase the elasticity of the muscle and tone it too. #pregnancy


Ability of a deformed material body to return to its original shape and size when the forces causing the deformation are removed. A body with this ability is said to behave (or...


How to make a catapult

Making a catapult – looking at elasticity Elasticity is the ability of a solid to return to its original shape after being subjected to strain. Most solid materials demonstrate elasticity, up to a point called the elastic limit. When the load is higher than the elastic limit damage to the material occurs. To demonstrate elasticity we made a catapult.


Gymnic Training Bowls, Adjustable Weight with Water/Sand, 2 Count. Incorporating training bowls into your workout can target particular muscle groups to help build power and condition the elasticity of the tendons/muscles. Multi-functional piece of equipment that can be used for both fitness activities as well as physical therapy. Improve upper/lower/core power, muscle resistance, wrist/ankle strength and joint integrity. Phthalate and BPA free; Made from durable, latex-free, vinyl these...

What is elasticity? Students will investigate how this concept applies to bouncing ball physics by testing the bounces of balls made out of ...