Help students understand elapsed time when teaching math with these four different strategies. Check out these tips and ideas while grabbing a FREEBIE!
Worksheets: Calculate Elapsed Time
Elapsed Time- 5 Minute Increments.  There are so many activities in the NO PREP Packets for January to teach core concepts!
Elapsed time is such a tricky concept to teach in a way that students understand. There are a variety of methods and strategies for teaching elapsed time, but using a number line really helps my students be successful.
Elapsed Time Within An Hour "Squares" game contains 8 fun and engaging elapsed time games. Each one-page elapsed time game gets students to solve for the amount of time that has elapsed, the start time, or the end time. This means that you can have each student practicing the skill that he/she needs the most help with.
Elapsed time anchor chart
Elapsed Time Amazing Race.  Such a great elapsed time activity!