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Everyone was struck by the devaluation and floatation of the Egyptian pound this weekend. Many had travel plans or still have a few countries on their bucket lists that they want to go but the new high prices (+40%) will hinder them. Here is our guide on how to travel with the same prices as before the Egyptian pound floatation.

Egyptian pound falls further despite currency intervention

The Egyptian pound falls further against the US dollar, despite efforts by the country's financial authorities to intervene in the money markets.

Dollar Shortage Stifles Trade In Newly Floated Egyptian Pound

Dollar Shortage,Egyptian Pound,Stifles,Newly,Trade

We Asked 4 Designers To Join the Viral Campaign Re-Imagining the Egyptian Pound

Egypt Gold 1955, AH 1374 One Pound of Ramses II On His War Chariot

Description: About Uncirculated 1955 AH) one Egyptian Pound gold coin with mint luster. The coin commemorates the third anniversary of the revolution against King Farouk which took place on July


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