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Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Some of these harmful effects are immediate. Find out the health effects of smoking and what happens to your body when you quit. #Smokefree

The Effects of Smoking on the Body
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The Effects of Smoking on the Body

Smoking tobacco is commonly noted for its correlation to lung cancer. This image, however, shows the link between smoking and other health problems that target different aspects of the body.


e-cigs JUST AS BAD!Can't believe people still do this!The more you smoke,the more your nerve cells become immune to the pleasure brought on by smoking.As a result,smokers tend to increase their intake of nicotine to get that desirable feeling from smoking.2 Despite the"pleasure"that one gets from puffing a cig,remember this:smoking comes with devastating health effects.If you think smoking an e-cig makes a difference,it doesn't. Researchers actually found that a brand of e-cigarette contains

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How long does it take smokers' lungs to regenerate?

Healthy lungs and the lungs of a smoker. Smokers considering quitting, or those who have already quit, often believe that the damage inflicted on the lungs from smoking will not only cease, but will also reverse. According to experts, this is only partly true.