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Edit Foto Blur

How to believably blur backgrounds in Photoshop! (Without the funky edges and halo effects!) | Find more free tutorials at

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Steps: 1. Cropped ever so slightly 2. Apply Gaussian Blur to background. 3. Ran Florabella's Ambrosia action then reduced opacity to 50% and turned off the "light" layers. 4. Ran Florabella's Sweet Sunshine and reduced to 20% 5. Ran Florabella's Highlight Protection. 6. Slight levels adjustment to boost contrast. 7. Slight Hue/Saturation adjustment to lighten Reds. 8. Sharpen. Voila!

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4 Ways To Get A Blurred Background

Want to kick your photography skills up a notch? Try these 4 Easy Ways to get a beautiful blurred background in your photos.

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Cara Mudah Edit Foto di Android Menjadi Blur/Bokeh ( After Fokus apk )

8 Gambiarras Incríveis para sua Foto e Vídeo ficarem profissionais

Romain Trystram is a freelance illustrator based in France who for years worked as a colorist for animation and comic books. He created his own universe in which this mysterious city features urban lights shining like neon in the night. His series “R...

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Learn how to use Photoshop to fix portrait photos with a distracting background. This effect is easy enough for the beginner but works exceptionally well. Many professional stock photographers use this technique to enhance their portrait photos and increase their sales. Find out how you can make your portrait photos look better with this fast Photoshop tutorial.

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Bokeh Photography Tutorial: 3 Ways to Get Started

Bokeh comes from the Japanese word boke (ボケ), which means “blur” or “blur quality.” Learn how to easily get started with creating your own bokeh-effect photography with 3 steps on the Redbubble blog. Add this gorgeous lighting effect to your favorite shots for a dazzling, romantic look.

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How to Isolate Your Subject in Lightroom

Such a good tutorial. I was looking for a way to focus on the subject and blur the background and this worked so well. What a good reference!

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5 best mirrorless cameras for beginners 2015

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