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Family Institute Course: Born Into, Born With

Bronfenbrenner’s Social-Ecological Model of Development /Systemic perspective opens up multiple retraumatization levels

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Metaphysical Ecology Reformulated

In the same spirit of what I have called metaphysical history I would now like to introduce the idea of metaphysical ecology as an extension, expansion, extrapolation, and generalization of ecology as the term is usually understood and employed. That is to say, metaphysical ecology is a philosophical ecology, in which we have passed from the concrete, scientific conceptions of ecology in the narrow sense to the abstract, philosophical conceptions of ecology in a philosophical sense. /span>

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Ecological Systems Theory and Practice: Systems and the Sociocybernetic Map - via

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The Ecological Systems Theory by Urie Bronfenbrenner. Very clear explanations of the different nest of circles for Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory. User friendly for pd in layman's terms.

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