With a rise in people wanting to become more sustainable, finding places to grow things can be tricky. That’s why you’re going to be shocked to discover that there are over 20 shade tolerant plants that you can grow in areas of the garden that you normally thought couldn’t be utilized. These edible shade tolerant

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In an extract from his new book, 'How to Create an Eco Garden’, John Walker explains how to turn an unassuming urban plot into an eco-friendly haven.

Key Hole Gardening is an extremely attractive way to grow veg with heaps of soil based around a compost that continually feeds the garden with the rotting matter as it grows.

Installing a rain barrel directly under a downspout is one of the more efficient methods to harvest rainwater. I love the brass spout on this one too! What do you think?

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Butterfly Shelter Provides a Resting Spot Attract colorful butterflies to your landscape by providing a welcoming rest stop for them

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