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Eclectic path lights

Eclectic Homes

not the path, the canopy effect under the tree, perhaps where the big cottonwoods on the lawn are, for one of the gathering areas; I also appreciate the hint of enclosure the plantings bring, while keeping it open and connected


Dogs feel it’s their job to patrol the perimeters of the yard. Rather than fight this instinct, include a running space at or near the edge of your yard and add a clearly designed route to get to it. Make the route straight or softly curving; your dog will probably cut the corner rather than make a 90-degree turn.


Intimate Boho Chic Babcock Estate Wedding With An Eclectic Rustic Feel | Photograph by Barbara Alessandra Photography


Shingle Outdoor Path Light in Bronze, $118.50!/~/product/category=3841209=16520230

Chakra Tea Light Set to align all seven chakra centers